Monday, November 26, 2012

Getting enough Sleep?

When trying to enjoy a day at work, it's not easy to do so when running on 3 hours of sleep. Yes, I know you average 8 cups of coffee before 10:00am, but a good nights rest is essential if you want be your best at the office.

Lets look at a few college habits that often die hard:

  1. Video games until the sun comes up. 
  2. 4th meal.
  3. An "all-nighter" at the library, cramming for a test. 
  4. Sleeping in, only to get up in time for a nap.

Just a few examples, but you get the point. All four scenarios I'm sure have led to numerous memories with close friends, but none are conducive in ensuring a productive work day.  

My Thoughts:

First, aim to get between 7-8 solid hours of sleep every night. While a 14 hour hibernation would be great, its just not realistic. 7-8 hours every night will go a long way in helping keeping your brain crisp and alert for a great workday and overall feeling better.

Allow for one night a weekend to get your "college" fix. Play video games all night, order $14 of Taco Bell at 1am and sleep until noon the next day. You will soon find that these behaviors will become more exhausting than enjoyable, but allowing yourself some freedom (just 1 night buddy) will help make the transition into life as a young professional a little easier.

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